Shellhammer Systems Inc. is a boutique consulting firm that helps clients innovate by developing new products and / or enter new markets with their existing products and technologies. We also help our clients align their product development, marketing & sales activities around their chosen strategic goals so that every part of the organization is "on message" all the time.


We focus primarily on software and services companies. Many of our clients are moving some or all of their products to SaaS or subscription based delivery models and we find that we really help them understand and prepare for the the full scope of such a move in terms of their overall business model. We find many, often unanticipated, changes in marketing, sales, finance and operations that result from this move in additon to the obvious changes in the packaging and delivery of products and services.


Some of our specific service offerings are listed here:


If you think you may be interested in what we offer please give us a call or send us an e-mail ... we are happy to chat with no obligation or
sales pitch.